It sounds like he did not waste his news chops. He scored an interview with RDJ and he used it to ask some hard questions. Clearly RDJ felt ambushed, but he should blame his damn agent. Literally hundreds of outlets will give him a five minute blow job. No reason at all he has to give half a day to an outlet that… » 4/22/15 7:58pm Wednesday 7:58pm

This is great. Now that we have the basic functionality proven, let's fund one modular design to fit every possible need. We can invite all of the service branches, USCG, DHS, the NSA, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and to propose required features and then commit ourselves to giant support… » 4/17/15 10:41am 4/17/15 10:41am

And? BP did not use dispersant to make the oil less dangerous, they used it to make the oil less visible. There is a lot of territory under the Gulf of Mexico. As long as it keeps oil in the 99.99% of the Gulf that people cannot see, that death goop pays for itself.
» 4/13/15 9:08am 4/13/15 9:08am

Exclusivity. You get to wear something conspicuous that most people can’t have. I would estimate the metals are worth about half the price and the technology a small fraction of that. Apple could charge less for each unit but that defeats the whole point. It is an exclusive halo model. People pay that money so that… » 4/10/15 9:24pm 4/10/15 9:24pm