I would need diapers to fly low 'n slow over a hostile country that is famous for two things: tunnels EVERYWHERE that make air suppression nearly impossible and really invalidate the whole idea of pacified territory, and spending almost everything it has on military toys such as lots of basic surface to air missiles.… » 1/24/15 8:42am Saturday 8:42am

The students probably thought they won the lottery, but you have two things that make it a crime. One is the age of consent, obviously, and the other is the power dynamic. In many hierarchies you simply cannot claim consent when one person has direct power over the other. The military, would that they ever enforce… » 1/23/15 8:17am Friday 8:17am

When it comes to fucked up effects on men and boys, I think the British school system has little cause to worry about competition from tits in a Murdoch rag. Hell, look at the nonsense that went on back when limeys were still prudish. If it correlates with fewer powerful figures raping little boys and no one lynching… » 1/22/15 9:07am Thursday 9:07am